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Guyana Marriott Hotel Georgetown



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    Alexandro Munoz img 5

    As usual, Marriott is always a treat and pleasure to stay in. Immediate booking reservations, early check in, and easy taxi scheduling for the airport. Rooms are clean and quiet. Very friendly staff and great service throughout. Hard to find a decent hotel in Guyana, and I’m glad I followed my previous experiences with Marriott and ended my work trip enjoying my stay.

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    Kenneth Marinelli img 2

    You can't eat at restaurant inside hotel without vaccination card even though they have outside tables. Went next door to Pegasus hotel and ate at their restaurant. Found a much better selection and service is much faster. I've waited 1/2 hour for bill at Mariott restaurant in past. Sorry, not acceptable.

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    ameenah akbar img 4

    Great ambiance..too long waiting time for food though. Seafoods.

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    I’M UK img 5

    Actually the atmosphere is soooo smooth here. Absolutely love it

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    Andy Atkinson img 4

    The photo was taken from the beach, just east of the hotel. It's a good place to take the family for a quite walk, enjoying the sounds of the Atlantic, and getting a perfect view of a perfect sunset...