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Ramada Georgetown Princess Hotel



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    Rob img 1

    This was an awful experience. The beds were dirty. It smelled like they sprayed the top layer with fabreeze instead of changing the sheets (the sheets under the blanket smelled like body odour and had hair all over them). We asked to change rooms and got another room equally as dirty. Someone was able to enter our room at 6am with a key card. Luckily I had closed the inner clasp so the door didn't fully open. This felt very unsafe. To get hot water you need to run the water for several minutes which is a blessing in disguise because for the first five minutes the water is brown. The balcony is shared so your neighbors can walk by your window. The following day I noticed the cleaning staff not replacing towels and sheets in rooms people had checked out from. The location is undesirable. Nothing was clean. This is the filthiest place I have ever stayed which is unacceptable especially at this price point.

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    Andrew Persaud img 2

    I have spent about 2 weeks at this establishment in the last 3 months. If you are looking for excellent customer service from an attentive and kind staff this isn't the place for you but it may be the best for its price range in country. The rooms are nice and clean but they have this towel shortage. Where sometimes you wait all day for your towel to be washed just so you can shower. I ended up having to purchase a towel from the gift shop. The food from the restaurant and pool bar also isn't amazing but it's available 24 hours which a plus. Do not expect the service staff to be nice or even helpful when it comes to making choices or even being readily available to take any additional orders.

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    Lynnie Jenkins img 1

    I would not advise anyone to stay here. This hotel had nothing to offer. It was boring. I had to call maintenance at least 8 times. There was hot water 5 out of the 7 days we were there. The air conditioning and shower were leaking water. The first room they gave us was not cleaned. There were stains on the mattress and dust everywhere. Do not stay here.

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    Commendable customer service. Variety of MENU typical of Afro Caribbean cuisines. Serene environment, very speedy Wifi and some Cherokee night time.

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    Sad Sahara img 1

    Dirty room and veranda, no hot water in the shower, leaking air conditioner. We asked for fresh towels and it took them almost an hour to bring them up. This place is priced like a hotel, but runs like a motel. Do not waste your money here.